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Childhood Anxiety Solutions, LCSW, PLLC offers a full array of therapeutic services to meet your child’s individualized needs. We use evidenced based and multi-modal treatment approaches, which are considered best practice when working with anxious children.

Marian Moldan

MarianMarian Moldan, LCSW-R has worked with Selectively Mute children, adolescents, and adults for 34 years both as a clinical social worker and a special education teacher. Having overcome her history of selective mutism, Marian specializes in the treatment of this challenging and misunderstood anxiety disorder. She has served as a consultant to school districts on Long Island, Queens and New Jersey. Marian speaks at international conferences and local in-services. She has authored:

• “Selective Mutism and Self-Regulation”, Clinical Social Work Journal (2005).
• “After Newtown, Listening to Those Who Aren’t Speaking”, Guest Blog Post Psychology Today & Amy Przeworski, Ph.D. by Kim O’Connell and Marian Moldan, LCSW-R (February, 2013)

Marian Moldan has just published her first interactive children’s book about Selective Mutism, entitled “Charli’s Choices“. 

Marian Moldan, LCSW-R developed one of the first group treatment models for selectively mute children, which is in its fifteenth year of practice. This agency has at least seven on-going groups at given time, ranging from toddler groups through adolescent groups for selectively mute and anxious youngsters.

Marian Moldan, LCSW-R has also worked with parents from Long Island to put forth the first public service announcement regarding Selective Mutism on the radio in the United States. She continues to serve as a consultant to a grassroots support and education Yahoo group of parents on-line and within the local community. Marian also taught the first credited course on Selective Mutism for teachers, speech pathologists, and school mental health professionals through SCOPE in Smithtown, New York. She is the Director of Childhood Anxiety Solutions, LCSW, PLLC and conducts weekly individual and group supervision. She maintains a patient caseload in addition to her other professional obligations. Marian Moldan, LCSW-R is the Recipient of the NASW – NYS Chapter of the 2011 Social Worker of the Year Award.

Amy M. Dulligan


Amy M. Dulligan received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University in December 1994. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Dowling College in December 1990. Amy currently specializes in treating children with anxiety disorders including selective mutism, panic disorder and school refusal. She has attended workshops and received training in selective mutism, cognitive behavioral therapy and school refusal behavior. She provides treatment in a flexible and motiving way in a variety of settings including the office as well as the child’s school and community. Amy has provided inservice training and consultation to school personnel regarding selective mutism. She has also provided in-school treatment to the selectively mute children on her caseload while training the school personnel to utilize evidence-based interventions between sessions.

Amy is an important member during the weekly group supervision sessions and case conferences. She readily shares her experience, techniques, skills, and information gleaned during individual supervision sessions with Marian Moldan, LCSW-R or while at anxiety workshops and conferences.

Amy’s prior experience includes many years of working with children and families who were facing a variety of issues including but not limited to anxiety, rejection, abuse and neglect. She worked with children, foster parents, adoptive families and birth parents while employed at Little Flower Children’s Services. In addition, she has worked with developmentally disabled children and their families in both the home and within a school setting while working for Early Intervention and preschool programs.

Amy is married and has two children. She enjoys working with children and adolescents and understands the many stressors and challenges facing families today.


Alyson Lawther

AlyAlyson Lawther, LMSW received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Stony Brook University’s Social Welfare program. Her clinical experience has involved specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents dealing with anxiety due to: PTSD, selective mutism, anger management, school refusal, and divorce. Alyson utilizes child-centered Cognitve Behavioral Therapy techniques and when necessary, natural stress reducers (e.g. meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises). She shares both a personal and professional interest in anxiety and panic disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.

Prior to working at Childhood Anxiety Solutions, LCSW, PLLC, Alyson developed and implemented stress management groups for anxious teens at a local high school and for anxious adults at the VA hospital in Northport, Long Island. She has also worked as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. Alyson combines this experience and skill with Cognitive Behavioral Interventions to assist clients with behavioral and lifestyle changes that interfere with weight loss or weight gain. This same multi-modal approach has been helpful for those clients who seek to maintain their weight while on anti-anxiety medications.

Keeping current in her education and skills is important to Alyson. To this end, she is either attending workshops or in-services at this agency or around New York State. Alyson participates in weekly individual and group supervision with Marian Moldan, LCSW-R. She is an avid and important contributor to this agency’s weekly case conferences. Alyson has also served as a trainer to school personnel in the treatment of selectively mute children in the school setting. She also has consulted with school districts on school refusal cases.

As a wife and mother of two young children, Alyson understands and is sensitive to the stressors facing parents and children alike. She is comfortable working with children, adolescents, families, and parents in the office, school, home, or community to help them reach their fullest potential.


Melissa Goldstein

Melissa Melissa Goldstein, LMSW earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University as well as a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University. Her social work experience includes working with children and adults of various ages and backgrounds at different medical facilities on Long Island. As part of her clinical experience she has worked with children and adults suffering from various co-morbidities as well as individuals suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. She currently works with children who have various anxiety disorders such as: selective mutism, social anxiety, school refusal and panic disorder. Melissa also works with children, adolescents and their families who suffer with autism, ODD, ADHD and depression. Melissa believes in using a multi-disciplinary approach to help her clients, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and that it is important to include the whole family in the therapeutic process to best help her clients. She has consulted with school districts on selective mutism and school anxiety and trained staff to use appropriate interventions to help the child. Melissa has also provided treatment for children with selective mutism and social anxiety in their schools.

Recognizing the importance of keeping current with constant changes and developments in the field of children’s anxiety disorder, Melissa participates in professional seminars and courses as well as in-service workshops at Childhood Anxiety Solution. Melissa consults regularly with Marian Moldan, LCSW-R in supervisory sessions and case conferences discussing her experiences and case developments.

Melissa has a broad and diverse background working with children who face a variety of challenges. After working with children suffering from serious illness and with their families as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City she began working as an elementary school teacher, becoming more aware of the many issues and anxieties children face and suffer from in today’s world. She is particularly proud of having developed a cyber bullying program for children, their families and educators.

Melissa is married and has two children. She is a compassionate, empathetic and dedicated individual who loves working with children and adolescents and their families. Melissa is available to provide therapy in her office, your children’s school, your home or elsewhere within the community to help your children be their best.